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Case Ace is the world’s first beginners to pro guide to cracking international case study competitions.

What Is Case ACE

Case Ace is the world’s first beginners to pro guide to cracking international case study competitions. The modules are designed in such a progressive and smooth manner that any person who is curious to learn but has no prior understanding whatsoever can also easily equip the skill of acing case competitions without any hassle.

The primary motive of Case Ace is to reduce the information asymmetry that exits in the status quo where people don’t even get a chance to take part in International level competitions just because either nobody told them or they missed the deadline or they are not able to find a suitable partner.

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About Me

Sandesh Dholakia, Founder

Case Ace’s founder Sandesh is a management consultant and currently Asia Pacific chair at International Finance Students’ Association (IFSA). He has won multiple national & international laurels. Some of the key ones include – One of the youngest Indians to represent the nation at Commonwealth Youth Parliament, Global Top 10 Harvard’s Annual case competition, Global Top 10 at World Asian Case competition, Winner at KPMG Battleground and Flipkart’s Trailblazer 1.0 and many more. Later on, he was also selected under DU Beat’s 21 Under 21.

About Case-Ace

Case Ace is a one stop solution for all the issues around Case competitions/interviews and provides a strongly motivated peer environment for users to grow as they find themselves amongst the most talented minds of the nation.

Why Case Pattern?

The pattern of imparting education has been rapidly evolving around all the major universities of the world like Harvard, Yale, Stanford etc. wherein they are shifting away from rote learning to ideas of application and how a concept can be applied in real world situations. The HBS Case Method has been torchbearer in such a regard but unfortunately such a pattern has found no place in undergrad curriculum in India. Case Ace’s attempts are exactly aimed at providing such an experience to students so as to provide them an edge over their peers and achieve their goals post college.


tudents, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and basically anyone who has the zeal to learn and to see any problem from an analytical angle to find the most optimum solution.

Cases are a means to a broader end of having a structured and answer seeking lifestyle and this applies to any field whatsoever.

The course comprises of Three major sections.

First is the Basics of Cases and its types along with numerous types of frameworks which can be used while solving a case.

Second is the section where I discuss all the case competitions that I have to, “the best way to learn to solve cases is actually see how does Best Solutions look like”.

Lifetime access with all the resources.

Case problems with the solutions that I made and along with it many other international winners solutions which gives the best guidance for making your solutions upto the standard.


or connect through the chat option visible on bottom right part of screen

After every video you will find a “Complete” button which you need to keep clicking as you keep finishing videos.

After all your videos are finished you will find an assessment round where you will solve a case on your own and submit the ppt of the same at info@caseace.in

After due evaluation of your solution, the final certificate will be issued to you.