About Me

My story starts from the day when I lost my very first case competition and thought to reach out to the winners of that competition to get a view of their solution but because of God knows what reason no one showed me and eventually after a lot of such encounters, this turned out to be a major structural problem where people feel if they share their solutions somehow they are losing something which in fact is an absolutely nonsensical claim. Since that point of time to today with one of the highest cumulative National & International achievements in the nation, I am determined to share my experiences with everyone to provide them a level playing field and not commit the mistakes which I did during my entire journey.

Sandesh Dholakia


What is Case Ace?

Case Ace is the world’s first beginners to pro guide to cracking international case study competitions. The modules are designed in such a progressive and smooth manner that any person who is curious to learn but has no prior understanding whatsoever can also easily equip the skill of acing case competitions without any hassle.

The primary motive of Case Ace is to reduce the information asymmetry that exits in the status quo where people don’t even get a chance to take part in International level competitions just because either nobody told them or they missed the deadline or they are not able to find a suitable partner.

Case Ace is a one stop solution for all the issues around Case competitions/interviews and provides a strongly motivated peer environment for users to grow as they find themselves amongst the most talented minds of the nation.

Prior Accomplishments –

1) Global Case Competition at Harvard
2) KPMG Ideation Challenge
3) World Bank’s National Case Study challenge in association with FSSAI
4) Flipkart Trailblazer – An award of Rs. 1,00,000
5) One of the youngest Indians to represent India at Government of United Kingdom’s
organized Commonwealth Youth Parliament
6) Tata Imagination Challenge
7) KPMG Battleground Challenge
8) Published author at The Economic Times
9) World Asian Case Study by Academy of Asian Business

Our Relevance –

Cases have become the most common and rapidly advancing way of educating people all the around the world and across domains like investment banking, consulting, administrative services, policy areas and many more

Frequently Asked Questions-

Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and basically anyone who has the zeal to learn and to see any problem from an analytical angle to find the most optimum solution.

Cases are a means to a broader end of having a structured and answer seeking lifestyle and this applies to any field whatsoever.

The course comprises of Three major sections.

First is the Basics of Cases and its types along with numerous types of frameworks which can be used while solving a case.

Second is the section where I discuss all the case competitions that I have to, “the best way to learn to solve cases is actually see how does Best Solutions look like”.

In the Third section I give important tips and tricks to achieve things like Publication in National Newspapers, Representing India at International levels through enhanced communications skills and much more.

Lifetime access with all the resources.

Case problems with the solutions that I made and along with it many other international winners solutions which gives the best guidance for making your solutions upto the standard.


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After every video you will find a “Complete” button which you need to keep clicking as you keep finishing videos.

After all your videos are finished you will find an assessment round where you will solve a case on your own and submit the ppt of the same at info@caseace.in

After due evaluation of your solution, the final certificate will be issued to you.