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Case Ace

Cases have become the most common way of educating people all the around the world and across domains like Finance, Consulting, Policy etc.

Enriched track record through cracking international case competition gives you an extra edge over your peers and thus distinguishing yourself from the crowd.

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How to Properly frame your thoughts in a structured Manner

Which Resources to Follow to become a Pro at Case Solving

How to Make Winning Power Point Presentations

How to pick right Team Mate for your case journey

How to Comprehend very complex cases

World's best Case Books from leading B-Schools at one place.

What Will you learn?

You will learn to solve various formats of cases ranging from one pagers to 20-30 pagers and understand how to meaningfully comprehend them while forming your solution. Not only will the format of cases wide ranging but so will the type of it ranging from Public Policy, Consulting, Finance, Behavioural Economics and many more.

How will this course help?

This course will help you in growing from multiple facets like how to make a good ppt to how to exactly present a solution and most importantly the skills learnt from this course will help you boost your confidence when you actually attend such competitions.

As we navigate through the nuances of how someone properly attempts case interviews, the skills that you will equip from this course is going to help you land your dream job!

Moreover, you also receive an international certification after the completion of assessment round which will help you boost your CV credentials to a great extent.

Who can take this course?

This course is for anyone from Higher Secondary Students, College Students to Working Professionals (across all streams i.e. Science, Commerce, Arts) who wants to create a distinguished identity of theirs by competing in the World’s finest case competitions.

Are you completely new to cases? 

Don’t worry we have got you covered as we begin from the very basic cases to moderate ones and then to the most advanced ones alongside all the needed frameworks and patterns as to how to apply them.

It's Time Now to Ace the Case of Your Professional Life!